Building A Platform

As a long – form writer, the platform we choose for blogging is almost an existential question! We’d begun with Blogspot (now Blogger) but migrated to WordPress later.

We use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter but not for long – form writing; rather for social sharing.

The Available Choices

  1. Blogger/ Tumblr
  2. Social – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  3. Third parties – Medium
  4. WordPress

Each of the platforms have their advantages & disadvantages. We switched from Blogger because its look & feel seemed very outdated at that point in time. Also, Blogger didn’t allow plugins.

For Tumblr, we felt it was unsuitable for the long texts that we prefer to write. The social platforms have twofold cons – they’re heavily tilted towards images & they’re a breeding ground for hate & trolling.

While the look of Medium is quite classy, if we want share buttons or any fancy feature, it will be prohibited. When we moved to WordPress, we didn’t brood over it too much; we just decided to build it & have fun along the way.

Why WordPress?

After having used WordPress for nine years, we list down a few aspects that we like about the platform –

It supports abundant media categories.

We can upload all files like .png, .pdf, .pptx, .m4a, .mov, and .avi. Pretty much any category of media TBH!

Even a stupid can manage!

If we can, anybody can!! Even for those who aren’t very technology – savvy, WordPress isn’t a difficult terrain to negotiate. Plugins help in managing pretty much everything like backups, security, and spam.

The blogging is the finest in the business.

Let’s just say that platforms like Medium, and Blogger are for buffs; WordPress is for the aces! We are able to schedule posts in advance and also set multiple editors.

The interface is efficient.

WordPress displays ‘Revisions’ so that you can recover past versions. The Preview and Publish buttons continue till the very end.


For bloggers, WordPress is the correct choice. You can completely command your site. You also receive benefits like themes and full media support.

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