Har Destination Kuch Kehta Hai!


Stealing & modifying the tag line of an Indian multinational paint company, we firmly believe Har Destination Kuch Kehta Hai. Every place that we’ve been to has stood out in one or the other aspect. This has led us to believe that there are no bad destinations; just unfortunate circumstances that ruin a trip.

We define & categorise destinations in seven broad classes –

Chaturbhuj Mandir, Orchha Fort

Chaturbhuj Mandir, Orchha


These are destinations where the fine architecture will attract your attention. The architecture could be heritage (like the forts of Rajasthan, India) or contemporary (like the skylines of Melbourne, Australia).

Our Architecture Destination Pick
Jhansi Fort, Uttar Pradesh

Jhansi Fort, Jhansi

The Bundelkhand region no doubt! We’ll probably never get tired of singing praises of this brave, historic land full of bonzer architecture. The Jhansi Fort is a testimony of the supreme sacrifice of Queen Laxmibai. In Orchha, you will brush past history at every turn. Khajuraho doesn’t even need too much mention; it’s already known across the globe!


Culture is a pretty all-encompassing term. A culture destination is one where you can experience fantastic cuisines, events, heritage landmarks, museums, national parks, temples etc. in one place.

Lodi Tomb, Delhi

Our Culture Destination Pick

We’re doubtless it’s India! Beguiling yet intimate, our country crackles with culture. Delhi with its ancient tombs. Sacred city of Varanasi. Romance of Rajasthan. Sunrise at Taj Mahal. Succulent idlis & dosas of Tamil Nadu. Rath Yatra of Odisha & Durga Pujo of West Bengal. More than a thousand museums sprinkled all over India. Bastion of tigers at the Corbett, Nagarhole & Bandipore reserves. Innumerable religious venues making our country the Land of Faith!


Event/ festival destinations are those that revolve around visitor – focused festivals and/ or special events endorsed by tourism boards.

Our Events Destination Pick

We can’t really pick here because we’ve not done much of events/ festival tourism. The biggest reason for this is P’s fear of crowds. But the following are on our bucket list; so, hopefully, we’ll make at least these three happen –

Stock image from Pexels Free Photos

  1. Witness a Brazilian Carnival
  2. Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve and count down as the ball drops
  3. Watch the fireworks over Sydney Harbor on New Year’s Eve


What’s life without food? & what’s travel without some fabulous, never-tried-before food? A food destination is one which attracts food lovers with its culinary specialties or with its platter of scrumptious dishes.

Our 1st meal in Italy… a brilliantly-done Carbonara

For such destinations, you will always hear the refrain, “If you go there & don’t eat xyz, did you even go there?”

Our Food Destination Pick

As far as we remember, it’s Italy for us! Tender pasta, meaty tomato sauces, wine in Tuscany, briny olives. Our wine tasting tour, overlooking the vineyards, was straight out of a foodie’s best dream! This was a decade back but we still remember the beautiful day spent in Chianti. It was gorgeous. There wines for tasting were amazing & so were the cheeses, the olive oils, the prosciutto… Sigh!

Mount Batur, dusk

Sit & stare!


Fab, dramatic landscapes are the main attractions of Landscape Destinations. Everything else becomes secondary. These are places where you don’t have to see a particular structure or experience an event. These are places where just being there is enough. Because, all around you, is surreal landscape!

Our Landscape Destination Pick
rare sight, mountain, urbanization

Panoramas to die for!

Think landscapes, think mountains! Think mountains, think the Himalayas! For those who live in Delhi NCR, the Himalayas are the chance of awesome panoramas. There is no better way to escape reality in our opinion.

When we are in the mountains for a break, we are in awe of life every single day. If dramatic scenes do not make us believe in the beauty of life, we doubt anything else can.


A People Destination is one where we go to know more about the people of that place & to meet them. To be precise, this has to do with indigenous populations. Like the Hill Tribes of Northeast India or the Indians of North America.

Our People Destination Pick

This is again something that we’ve not done too much of. We’ve briefly met the Masai tribe in Kenya & the Bishnois of Rajasthan but it was a cursory meeting in both the cases. The following are a few of the indigenous people we would like to meet & know more about –

Stock image from Pexels Free Photos

  1. The Inuits of the Arctic
  2. The Andamanese of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India


A wildlife destination is one where you can interact with wild animals in their natural habitats. While there are countries & regions that promote active interaction, i.e., collecting and/ or hunting, we don’t support that view.

masai tribe, mara, spotted land, plain, thorn tree

Masai Mara National Reserve – bliss for wildlife lovers

For us, wildlife is best enjoyed passively, i.e., by watching or via photography. By now, we’ve spent quite a few hours bruising our backbones, jumping around in the jeep/ gypsy, doing a safari. The excitement of catching a glimpse of an elusive big cat or the contentment of watching deer sunbathing is unmatched.

Our Wildlife Destination Pick

Almost certainly, it’s the Masai Mara National Reserve for us! We’ve grown up watching nature & wildlife channels on television. The Masai Mara occupied the top spot on our list. We visited during the migration season. And boy oh boy, till date it’s one of our best memories ever!

lion, lioness, grassland, camouflage

A Lazy Lion

Imagine an unending stretch of land in front of you, with golden grass swaying in the breeze, a blue sky overhead, and here & there a spotting of acacia trees! A giraffe chomps on the thorny leaves of the acacia tree! And then a Common Eland. Then a Lion. A Cheetah. An Impala. A White-Backed Vulture. Lilac – Breasted Rollers. Wildebeest. A White – Bellied Bustard. African Elephants. A Rhinoceros. Zebras. An Ostrich. Hippopotami. Agama Lizards. A Warthog. An East African Jackal. Just remembering these sights, & writing about them, still gives us Goosebumps!

So, there are the main destination classes. What kind of destination appeals to you?

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