A Monsoon Drive to Mathura

monsoon, drive, mathura

The weekends when we’re unable to head out of the city, we think of ways to make the best of the days. Moreso during the rains. A long drive in the monsoon months cures even the worst of our moods; we’re sure it does for you too.

One such weekend in July 2020, we made an impromptu plan to head to Mathura to buy peda. (Mathura Peda is a classic Indian sweet made with milk solids & sugar.)

India had begun to relax its COVID restrictions; we were desperate to get out of the house after more than four months. Also, driving on the Yamuna Expressway in the rainy weather sounded like a holiday in itself. We weren’t disappointed!

We hit the road with songs matching the monsoon mood. Raindrops bounced off the windscreen. On either side of the Yamuna Expressway, lush green fields & trees getting splattered with rain made for a soothing sight.

The clean, uniform & wide Expressway was perfect for us hodophiles & the rainy season made it look even better. A stretch of 140 kilometres took us about two hours.

A Drive In The Rain

We were also glad the rain hadn’t really created a slippery drive. The superb road quality helped us enjoy the relaxed drive. We cruised, watching the scenery, listening to songs, and conversing.

Once we exited the Yamuna Expressway & entered Mathura, we made our way straight to the sweet shop, Brijwasi in Chowk Bazar. (Brijwasi is a 60+ year old shop specialising in Mathura Peda.)

We were a bit anxious about stepping down in the crowded Bazaar but didn’t want to retreat without munching on the pedas. So off went N while P waited in the car, watching the rain & hoping N doesn’t return with the darn virus! (He didn’t!)

Lal Darvaza

Our vehicle was parked right in front of the Lal Darvaza (a miracle); Brijwasi was located right behind the Gate.

After what seemed like hours but were actually only minutes, N jogged to the car, trying to keep the food packets in his hand from getting wet.

As soon as he sat in the car, P could smell the aroma of freshly fried samosas.

We chomped on the samosas right away. Oh, the spiciness! Our mouths salivate by merely remembering this day.

Once satiated, we fired up the engine again to head back to NCR. The weather still tantalised us. After the samosas, a cup of tea was warranted. We halted at The Food Street near the Vrindavan exit. The rain had halted too. Slurping at chai while looking at the rain clouds & the frangipani trees giddily swaying was just what the doctor ordered!

One of Our Favourite Plants – Frangipani or Champa

It was now time to truly head home bringing our mini – expedition to an end.

Back at home, we opened our packets of Peda & Soan Papdi and felt like we were back in Mathura again!

The fragrance of desi ghee filled our beings with love.

Regarding the taste, delectable is an understatement…

As we write this, we’re so tempted to order the sweets online & make short work of them!

We hope, after reading this, you’re tempted to either drive to Mathura or to order peda & satisfy your temptation!!

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