When we travel, we do not travel purely from the POV of returning & writing blog posts on the destination and/ or uploading fine social media (SM) photos/ videos.

We travel with the aim of seeing new sights, hearing new sounds, smelling new aromas, tasting new cuisines, & touching new grounds. Turning into a blogger or SM influencer becomes secondary when we are actually in the ‘moment’ of traveling.

The Luxury Vibe in Melbourne, Australia. 2020

Having said that, there are items that we compulsorily carry with us. Not for any other purpose but to be able to save for posterity what we have experienced.

The items we find indispensable on our travels are –

A Journal & A Pen

On A Writing Spree in Nathuakhan, Uttarakhand. 2014

We are still quite old school when it comes to taking notes. A notebook & a pen (or two) can always be found in our bags. We end up making copious notes of what we have seen, what we have eaten etc.

This actually comes in handy if & when we decide to sit down & blog about our travel.


Self-portrait? Melbourne, Australia. 2012

This is pretty obvious, right? We have a Canon & a Nikon, both of which serve different purposes. We rarely carry both together but one of the two certainly makes the cut.

Fully charged a night before we start, charger packed safely, a high – capacity memory card, & a means to transfer photos on the go.

Phone Charger for the Car

One of the many Road Trips. Sariska, Rajasthan. 2018

For road trips, this is important. Using GPS inevitably drains the battery, even though we use Samsung M series phones which have long – lasting batteries.


We do not usually eat out of packets when traveling but do keep a snack or two handy. Just in case. Our go – to snacks are nuts, granola bars, & dark chocolate bars.

Neither of us is a fan of junk munchies; we would rather stop & eat parathas at dhabas!


So important! Both of us have refill bottles which we try to maximise the usage of. But this is also not always realistic. E.g. if we run out of water on a road trip, at times the only available option is to buy mineral water from a dhaba/ shop/ restaurant; filling our bottles with any other water may be an invitation to health challenges.

My Personalised Refill Bottle

On our road trips, Fluffy accompanies us too. Even if we do not pack 4 & 5 for ourselves, we do not forget to pack these for her. She does not eat much while on the road but gets thirsty frequently.

What is in your blogger/ influencer/ traveller kit? Tell us in the comments.

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