What & Where We Loved Eating In Bali

La Favela

How can travel be complete without food? Now that you know where to stay in Bali, & what to see/ do, itโ€™s time for the restaurants we loved. As before, the below eateries are tried & tested! Breeze at The Samaya Seminyak Not many pics of Breeze as the ambience overpowered our senses... The Samaya… Continue reading What & Where We Loved Eating In Bali

What We Loved Seeing In Bali

Bali, The Island of a Thousand Temples

We hope Bali Basics turned out to be helpful to you. Now that youโ€™ve figured out where you want to stay on your Bali holiday, we help you with the sights we saw in Bali & loved. The attractions below are tried & tested, & advocated (& not mentioned in any order of preference)! Beachesโ€ฆ… Continue reading What We Loved Seeing In Bali